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Technology platform

InDex Pharmaceuticals develops DNA-based immunomodulatory sequences (DIMS), which are synthetic oligonucleotides that induce immunomodulatory effects by binding to toll-like receptor 9 (TLR 9).

The immunomodulatory effects induced, vary between different DIMS compounds. This allows the selection of a specific DIMS targeted for a specific indication.
InDex Pharmaceuticals has a technology platform with a wide range of different DIMS compounds, implying for many therapeutic possibilities.

Intellectual Property
DIMS compounds are protected by our portfolio of granted patents and in many cases also by composition of matter patents.

2011 Nobel prize in medicine
The Nobel Prize 2011 highlights the importance of the pioneering discoveries of Ralph Steinman, Jules Hoffmann and Bruce Beutler that brought the roles of TLR and the immune system into focus. Since the elucidation of TLRs in pathogen recognition over 15,000 publications have focused on their immune function and synthetic TLR agonists are being tested in clinical trials for their therapeutic potential in inflammatory diseases.

For InDex Pharmaceuticals, TLR lie at the core of our research and clinical development programs and using our proprietary technology platform we have been able to design TLR 9 agonists that target various immunological diseases. Our lead compound Kappaproct is currently in phase III studies for the treatment of chronic active treatment refractory ulcerative colitis.

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